Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturdays are a special day...

Today we have had a shower for Annmarie Wood. Her little boy is due Oct. 14th. I can't believe it's almost time. I love babies. Especially when someone else is having them. :)

So much has happened this summer and I have been a total slacker. So the recap for the summer is...
June 17-20 went to Lava Hot Springs and then on to Jackson Hole for the Victory Freedom ride.
July 10-18 Drove to Spokane to pick up my motorcycle, then on to Blaine, WA for the Anderegg Reunion. Was wonderful to be on the coast. But I didn't find any caramels.:(
July 24th Survived the ward campout.
July31-Aug1 Went camping with Nate's family for the Alsop Reunion.
August 14th I can't believe it...I just joined Mary Kay! I am actually very excited! WAHOO!
August 18th 29 years old!!! Double Wahoo!
September 5th Rocky Mountain ATV/Jake Wilson Ride
September 12th Annmarie's baby shower! LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

I will try to be better... :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's up with Bikinis?

This is my rant!!!

Nate and I were talking the other day about how some of the ladies at his work are using Alli to help them with their weight loss goals. He suggested that I may be successful using it. Of course the crazy in me came out ready to fight.
I don't want to exercise, I don't want to go on a diet and I don't see why it really matters!!!
I know I am soft and that is something I am willing to deal with because I love cookies and ice cream and cheese. But not all together! The problem with this conversation is that he was trying to help me find something I could have success with and I had already decided that diets make me grumpy, I hate following an eating plan and I am just going to accept myself the way I am and love me for me.
Besides, if I were to be successful and actually lose weight then my clothes wouldn't fit and then where would we be? I mean, REALLY!

So tonight everyone is asleep and I am searching the internet. I bought the Alli eating plan book today(at the dollar store) and another healthy eating book. I also signed up for Jillian Micheals online. I like that her online program is just like her-realistic with no BS.

I am not sure if any of them will be helpful because once again, it all comes down to how you eat. But I am trying. I really don't see the need to lose weight. I know I am soft, but I am not far from my healthy weight for my height. I love candy and I am not sure I am really, well I'll tell you outright-I hate exercise and I am not motivated by being skinny anymore. Not that I want to be a blimp, but it's unrealistic for me to want to be super thin. It just isn't in the cards or stars or anything else.

I don't have any carrots hanging in the future-like a cruise or class reunion- and sadly, being healthy isn't that much of a motivation. But my health is important to Nate. So, because I want to be attractive to him, I am going to empower myself and put forth a little effort. I guess we'll see how long that lasts. Because being empowered is very sexy. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Friday!!

We are finally up and running. It's a cloudy day, but the projects are still piled high. Everyone needs a good rainstorm. Especially, when you have to take the car to work and leave the motorcyle. Makes it worth the drive. :) Tucker is happy. He is sleeping better finally and except for some very noisy gas, is tearing up the town. Or at least my house. He finally said dada in front of Nate. Totally made his day. And things are generally good. Can't wait for nap time. :)